BioGem Tools

In this BioGem Bioinformatics tools, there are both online and offline tools. The online tools runs in local server. The offline tools are downloadable either from this server or from other open source servers for free.

Online Tools

CFSSP Server – Chou & Fasman Secondary Structure Prediction Server (
Nussinov Algorithm – RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Server (
JMol PDB Viewer – Online Protein Structure Visualization Tool (
S2Spred – Protein Sequence to Structure Prediction Server (
bpBLAST – (BioPerl BLAST) RemoteBLAST Server of BioPerl (
JSDraw ThumbView – Thumbnail Chemical Structure Viewer/Editor (
Online DSSP – Secondary Structure Assignments of PDB (
AA-Prop – Protein Physicochemical Properties Prediction Tool (
BLASTphp – PHP wrapper for NCBI BLAST URL API (
xmlBLASTparser – PHP library for parsing NCBI BLAST XML output (
locBLAST – PHP wrapper for NCBI BLAST+ tool (

Offline Tools

GSA v1.o – A Global Sequence Alignment Tool (
cfPred – CUI Protein Secondary Structure Predictor (

Other Tools

FindUrIP – Finds Your Public IP Address (
L-IP – Finds Your Local IP Address (
URL2IP – Finds IP Address of the Domain Name (
C-Count v2.0 – Character, Word, Sentence and Paragraph Counter (
TNEB-16 – TNEB Tariff Calculator – 2016 (
EN2TL – English to Tamil Typing (
EN2ML – English to Malayalam Typing ( or
RNR-Numb – Reference Number Renumbering Tool (
YT[AV]DL – YouTube Audio/Video Downloader (


PDTDB – Phytochemical and Drug Target DataBase (